UAlbany Interfaith Coalition



The overarching mission of the UAlbany Interfaith Coalition is to promote the idea of unity, and bridge the gap between the secular & spiritual, faiths & non-faiths on campus and within the community.

Goals include:

  • In a world where religion is a heated topic, to promote the similarities between different beliefs rather than emphasize the differences and conflicts.
  • To create an atmosphere where people of any spiritual tradition, whether an organized religion or simply a faith in something outside of oneself, or even those who don’t believe in anything, can come together in a comfortable setting.
  • To share ideas and beliefs, sparking thoughts and feelings in other members.
  • To build bridges not walls.

We hope to create a unified group that can be a positive example for society.

The UAIC meets every Wednesday at 6pm in the Interfaith Center Library to socialize, organize field trips, and community service.


Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 UAIC Executive Board

225616_1125294504157809_1121347269683628929_nMICHAEL KHAN
UAIC President Spring 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance
Majours: Political Science & Spanish
Minour: Homeland Security Preparation
Class of 2019


UAIC Vice President
Marketing & Art Director Spring 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Toast Masters & Peace Action
Majours: Rhetoric & Communication
Minour: Art
Class of 2018


UAIC Secretary Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Muslim Student Association, Presidential Honour Society
Majour: Biochemistry
Minour: Journalism & French
Class of 2019


UAIC Treasurer, Fall 2016- Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance
Majour: Actuary Science & Maths
Class of 2018



alysha2.0ALYSHA KHAN
UAIC Networking Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance & Asian American Alliance
Majour: Psychology
Minour: Business
Class of 2019



UAIC Fundraising Co-Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
UAIC Secretary Spring 2016
Active Memberships: Peace Action
Majour: Religious Studies
Minour: Psychology
Class of 2017


UAIC Fundraising Co-Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Newman Catholic Association
Class of 2020



UAIC Environmental Community Service Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance, UA Nasha Dance Team
Majour: Public Health
Minour: Business
Class of 2019



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