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Religion 101-Paganism & Hedgwitchery

Nov. 9, 2016


The Interfaith Center

Steward Jeremiah Lennox & Liz Murray of the Assembly of Capital Region Pagans will provide an introduction to Paganism and Hedgewitchery. Liz Murray/Lady Artemis is a Pagan practitioner following the hedgewitch path like that of her European ancestors. Honored to have a family lineage rich with strong women who were early Quaker settlers from Essex England that served as nurses and midwives to the underserved at the Westbury Friends Home, Long Island New York.

Over the years Liz has been midwife and nurse in the tradition of the Wise Woman, also serving
the needs of the community where she lived and raised her children on a family farmstead.
Currently she is an active volunteer with the Assembly of Capital District Pagans and was Crone
Honoree at last years annual Harvest Moot, Troy New York. A prolific artist drawing inspiration
from her practice to canvas and photography. Much of her work is raffled for various pagan
charities and on display at Art for the Cure diabetes cure annual fund raiser, Albany
Endocrinology Assoc..
She shares the rich folklore of her craft in workshops that are hands on creations of the ancient
art of witches ladders and amulets thereby passing on the magic of Old.

The program is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.  For more information contact Donna at

WRITING WITH SPIRIT WORKSHOP w/ Diane Cameron Nov. 2 from 6-8pm

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This is a writing workshop for everyone: new writers, scared writers, genre-changing writers, and secret (I-have-never-told-anyone) writers. The focus will be on spirituality and inspiration: what lifts us, what holds us, and what helps us in our daily life and in our writing. We will learn, laugh, be inspired and we will write!

Diane Cameron’s work appears in the Times Union and other newspapers across the US. She has received many awards for her fiction and nonfiction work. She is the author of two blogs: “Love in the Time of Cancer”-for couples facing cancer, and “Out of the Woods” for people in twelve-step recovery.

Registration is required. Call or email Donna at; 518-489-8573 X 21


Ramadan & the Spirit of Prayer and Kindness

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Ramadan & the Spirit of Prayer and Kindness


Another year successfully done with our partners at the Turkish Cultural Center.

Food, friendship, and acts of charity were shared as we ate together, shared together, and learned together about the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

With today’s Eid al-Fitr , the festival of breaking of the fast, we reflect upon the last 30 days. Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). The religious Eid is a single day during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan.

We were so fortunate to have shared an iftar dinner last month, learning about the spiritual importance of kindness, community service, and prayer. These simple things become so much more when we mindfully put ourselves into the work of our own personal spirituality. With all of the horrific happenings that have happened over the last month, we remember even more the need for these sacraments of grace.

Blessed Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends, brothers, and sisters! Yes, it has been a hard Ramadan this year filled with much sadness. Orlando, Ataturk, and now the holy city of Medina have all been attacked by violence. However, peace remains in our hearts for one another, love remains in our hearts for one another, friendship remains in our hearts for one another. Moving us all closer than ever: the true meaning of Islam.

Salaam alaikum dear ones.


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Join Us for an Interfaith Ramadan Dinner June 16, 2016

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TCC Albany logoInterfaith Center LogoThe Interfaith Center and Turkish Cultural Center Albany invite you to join us for an Interfaith Ramadan Dinner.

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: The Interfaith Center –University Dr. West (across from the SEFCU Arena) University at Albany

* Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, developing self-control and kindness, a
time of comprehensive thanksgiving and charity. It’s a time of training oneself to
become a better person spiritually and improving relationships with family, friends
and neighbors.


7:30 pm: Information Session
8:30pm: Dinner at Sunset

Note: Dinner is FREE, People of ALL FAITHS/SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS are welcome to attend and bring non-perishable – canned food to be donated to the local refugee families.

RSVP: by June 15, 2016

From Then to Now: The Interfaith Center’s 50th Year Anniversary!

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The first Chapel House was located in the Barnes Lodge which was built in 1910. It was destroyed by fire in 1985.

The Albany Collegiate Interfaith Center (ACIC), for many years known as Chapel House and currently known as The Interfaith Center, was founded in 1965 and incorporated on December 15, 1966, by the Capital Area Council of Churches, Inc., the Jewish Community Council (currently the United Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York) and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York, as a religious center forstudy, prayer, and the promotion of interfaith understanding and cooperation within the University at Albany community. Significant stories behind The Interfaith Center have enriched its history and strengthened interfaith relationships. In 1985, a Protestant (Lutheran) Chaplain rescued the Jewish Torah from the smoldering ruins of the first Chapel House, the old Barnes Lodge on Waverly Place; the Catholic Community donated a silver pointer to the Jewish Community; the Jewish Community donated a candle stand to the Christian Community; Catholic students gathered tools for the creation of a Jewish sukkah.

Over the years, The Interfaith Center has evolved into a much-loved center, bringing together young adults from different faith traditions and diverse religious backgrounds and practices to participate in learning, expression, and friendship.

Please join us as we celebrate 50 years serving the diverse spiritual needs of the University at Albany community and the Capital Region.

WHEN: Saturday October 8th, 2016.  7pm-9pm
WHERE: The Interfaith Center at UAlbany: 1400 Washington Ave. Albany across from Sefcu Arena on E. University Drive.

Interfaith Ramadan Dinner – June 16th @ 8:30pm

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Last year the Turkish Cultural Center Albany in collaboration with the Interfaith Center, organized an Interfaith Program and Dinner where speakers from 5 different faiths talked about their religious stance on helping others in need. Nonperishable canned food items were collected and donated to a local homeless shelter. The dinner was very well attended. About a hundred guests enjoyed delicious Turkish food prepared and sponsored by Alaturco Mediterranean Grill in Ballston SPA.

This year, we will be doing it again, but with less speakers and more food!

DATE: Thursday June 16th at 8:30pm.
LOCATION: The Interfaith Center at UAlbany, 1400 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12222, across from the Sefcu Arena on E. University Drive.

Please contact Donna Crisafulli and/or Veysel Ucan for more details.

Security and Preparedness Against Terrorist Attacks

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Security and Preparedness Against Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks and other acts of violence against civilians are increasing. Since the Mumbai, India attacks in 2008, we have seen a global increase in the number of coordinated and complex attacks. Could this happen in this country? Can we prevent them and how are we preparing to respond to such attacks? The purpose of this discussion is to get a glimpse into what we might see in the near future. We will attempt to compare and/or contrast how foreign terrorist organizations plan for attacks and how this process may differ with domestic extremists. The approach will be one of a facilitated discussion, prompted by case studies of recent attacks and a short look at how we train/prepare responders for such events.

Dr. Rick C. Mathews is the Director of Simulations and Behavioral-based Training in the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity at the University at Albany.

 Presented by The Capital District Humanist Society

Sunday, May 8, 2016

 Refreshments at 12:30

Program at 1:15 p.m

 Room 224, Campus Center

Sage Colleges Albany Campus

New Scotland Ave. at Academy Road, Albany

 Admission: Free

Details and directions: 518-533-2666, or




UAlbany Interfaith Coalition New Officers Elected

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Election results are in and congratulations are in order for the Fall 2016 Interfaith Coalition E-Board.

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 UAIC Executive Board

225616_1125294504157809_1121347269683628929_nMICHAEL KHAN
UAIC President Spring 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance
Majours: Political Science & Spanish
Minour: Homeland Security Preparation
Class of 2019


UAIC Vice President
Marketing & Art Director Spring 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Toast Masters & Peace Action
Majours: Rhetoric & Communication
Minour: Art
Class of 2018


UAIC Secretary Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Muslim Student Association, Presidential Honour Society
Majour: Biochemistry
Minour: Journalism & French
Class of 2019



UAIC Treasurer, Fall 2016- Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance
Majour: Actuary Science & Maths
Class of 2018



alysha2.0ALYSHA KHAN
UAIC Networking Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance & Asian American Alliance
Majour: Psychology
Minour: Business
Class of 2019



UAIC Fundraising Co-Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
UAIC Secretary Spring 2016
Active Memberships: Peace Action
Majour: Religious Studies
Minour: Psychology
Class of 2017



UAIC Fundraising Co-Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Newman Catholic Association
Class of 2020



UAIC Environmental Community Service Chair, Fall 2016 – Present
Active Memberships: Albany State Indian Alliance, UA Nasha Dance Team
Majour: Public Health
Minour: Business
Class of 2019



Environmental Protection from a Faith Point of View Internship Fall 2016

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Free summer retreat, August 12-14th, sponsored by Union Theological Seminary, for students interested in environmental protection from a faith point of view. The summer retreat is training for a fall paid internship on campus to educate and mobilize students around issues of climate change.More information at Retreat Flyer