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Religion 101-Paganism & Hedgwitchery

Nov. 9, 2016


The Interfaith Center

Steward Jeremiah Lennox & Liz Murray of the Assembly of Capital Region Pagans will provide an introduction to Paganism and Hedgewitchery. Liz Murray/Lady Artemis is a Pagan practitioner following the hedgewitch path like that of her European ancestors. Honored to have a family lineage rich with strong women who were early Quaker settlers from Essex England that served as nurses and midwives to the underserved at the Westbury Friends Home, Long Island New York.

Over the years Liz has been midwife and nurse in the tradition of the Wise Woman, also serving
the needs of the community where she lived and raised her children on a family farmstead.
Currently she is an active volunteer with the Assembly of Capital District Pagans and was Crone
Honoree at last years annual Harvest Moot, Troy New York. A prolific artist drawing inspiration
from her practice to canvas and photography. Much of her work is raffled for various pagan
charities and on display at Art for the Cure diabetes cure annual fund raiser, Albany
Endocrinology Assoc..
She shares the rich folklore of her craft in workshops that are hands on creations of the ancient
art of witches ladders and amulets thereby passing on the magic of Old.

The program is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.  For more information contact Donna at