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This is a complete list of books available in our Interfaith Library. Come by The Interfaith Center to loan out any of the titles.

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CategoryTitleAuthor(s) & Editor(s)
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Concordia Pulpit 1985
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Synopsis Quattuor EvangeliorumKurt Aland
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Literary Guide to the BibleRobert Alter, Frank Kermode
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Understanding the Old TestamentBernbard W. Anderson
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Form CriticismRudolf Bultmann, Karl Kundsin
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Book of DeuteronomyRaymond E. Brown
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Study of the Synoptic GospelsAugustin Cardinal Bea
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Strange GodsDavid G. Bromley, Anson D. Shupe
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Interpreting the New Testament TodayR.C. Briggs
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Love Road to CalvaryJames R. Bjorge
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)A Diagram of Synoptic RelationshipsAllan Barr
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Peace of JesusJoseph G. Donders
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Fragmented WomenJ. Cheryl Exum
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Introduction to the New TestamentFeine Behm Kummel
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Christian LifestyleGeorge Wolfgang Forell
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)A study of Old TestamentHerbert Morrison Gale
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Archaeology and the Old Testament WorldJohn Gary
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Revelation of JohnT.F. Glasson
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)From Slavery to FreedomSolomon Goldman
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Crisis and StoryW. Lee Humphreys
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Quotations From Chairman JesusDavid Kirk
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Eplistles of Peter and of JudeJ.N.D. Kelly
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Understanding the New TestamentKee Young Froehlich
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The 3:16 PromiseMax Lucado
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Homilies for Sundays Of the YearG. Motte
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)The Scripture PrincipleClark H. Pinnock
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Israel's Wisdom LiteratureO.S. Rankin
BIBLICAL COMMENTARY (BC)Jesus In the Church's GospelsJohn Reumann
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Readings in Faith and Science
PHILOSOPHY (PH)For the Sake of HeavenMartin Buber
PHILOSOPHY (PH)History and EschatologyRudolf Bultmann
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The New OrganonBacon
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Aristotle Nicomachean EthicsSarah Broadie, Christopher Rowe
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The World of Henry KissingerRalph Buultjens
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Medieval PhilosophyF.C. Copleston
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Nature of ManSimon Doniger
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Living thoughts of EmersonRalph Waldo Emerson
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Ego and ArchetypeEdward F. Edinger
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Chalice & the BladeRaine Eisler
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Unsecular ManAndrew M. Greeley
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Politics at God's FuneralMichael Harrington
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The GreeksH.D.F. Kitto
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Apology for WonderSam Keen
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto DeathSoren Kierkegaard
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Questions and Answers on Death and DyingElisabeth Kubler-Ross
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Quest for HolinessAdolf Koberle
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Four LovesC.S. Lewis
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The Screwtape LettersC.S. Lewis
PHILOSOPHY (PH)The One and the ManyMartin E. Marty
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Gravity & GraceJoseph Sittler
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Plurality and AmbiguityDavid Tracy
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Interpretation of ScienceWhitehead, A.H. Johnson
PHILOSOPHY (PH)Logic and Sexual MoralityJohn Wilson
INTERFAITH (I)Judasim and ChristianityLeo Baeck
INTERFAITH (I)The Apostolic AgeG.B.Caird
INTERFAITH (I)Encountering GodDiana L. Eck
INTERFAITH (I)Qur'an Liberation & PluralismFarid Esack
INTERFAITH (I)Islam for JewsReuven Direstone
INTERFAITH (I)How the Great Religions BeganJoseph Gaer
INTERFAITH (I)The Earthly JerusalemNorman Kotker
INTERFAITH (I)Structures Of the ChurchHans Kung
INTERFAITH (I)Mysticism and Religious TraditionsSteven T. Katz
INTERFAITH (I)Vatican II: An Interfaith AppraisalJohn H. Miller
INTERFAITH (I)Handbook of Denominations in the U.S.Frank S. Mead
INTERFAITH (I)Getting to the Heart of InterfaithDon Mackenzie
INTERFAITH (I)When Faiths CollideMartin E. Marty
INTERFAITH (I)The Ornament of the WorldMaria Rosa Menocal
INTERFAITH (I)How to be a Perfect StangerStuart M. Matlins, Arthur J. Magida
INTERFAITH (I)The Kingdom of the CultsWalter R. Martin
INTERFAITH (I)The Great ReligionsFloyd H. Ross, Tynette Hills
INTERFAITH (I)Historic AlbanyAnne F. Roberts, Marcia W. Cockrell
INTERFAITH (I)Acts of FaithEboo Patel
INTERFAITH (I)Ways of Being ReligiousFrederick J. Streng
INTERFAITH (I)Shared DreamsRabbi Marc Schneier
INTERFAITH (I)The Religions of ManHuston Smith
INTERFAITH (I)Links between Judaism and ChristianitySamuel Umen
INTERFAITH (I)Judasim and ChristianityTrude Weiss-Rosmarin
INTERFAITH (I)The Concise Encyclopedia of Living FaithsR.C. Zaehner
HYMNALS (H)owered Hymn SettingsLouis Nuechterlein
HYMNALS (H)We CelebrateMark G. Rachelski
Prayer Books (PB)Christian Prayer
Prayer Books (PB)Lutheran Book of Worship
Prayer Books (PB)Gates Of Prayer
Prayer Books (PB)Likrat Shabbat
Prayer Books (PB)Sabbath and Festival Prayer Book
Prayer Books (PB)Prayer for a DaySidney L. Markowitz
Prayer Books (PB)Peoples Mass Book
Prayer Books (PB)New St. Joseph Weekday Missal
BIBLES (BIB)Holy Bible
BIBLES (BIB)The Jerusalem Bible
BIBLES (BIB)JPS Hebrew English Tanakh
BIBLES (BIB)The Apocrypha
BIBLES (BIB)One Minite Bible
BIBLES (BIB)The New English Bible
BIBLES (BIB)Old Testamentm (Volumn I)
BIBLES (BIB)The New Testament (Today's English Version)
BIBLES (BIB)The New American Bible – Revised
BIBLES (BIB)The Psalms for Modern Man
BIBLES (BIB)The Little Black Book
BIBLES (BIB)New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
BIBLES (BIB)New Testament Psalms Proverbs
BIBLES (BIB)The Book of Psalms
BIBLES (BIB)The New Interpreter's Bible Volume I
BIBLES (BIB)The New Interpreter's Bible Volume II
BIBLES (BIB)The New Interpreter's Bible Volume III
BIBLES (BIB)The New Interpreter's Bible Volume IV
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)Hitler's ApologistsAbraham H. Foxman
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)The German Church Struggle and the HolocaustFranklin H. Littell, Hubert G.Locke
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)American Jews in World War II (Volume II)
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)American Jews in World War III.Kaufman
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)Auschwitz Beginning of A New Era?Eva Fleischner
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)The Rise and Fall of the Third ReichWilliam L. Shirer
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)The Abandonment of The JewsDavid S. Wyman
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)Children of the HolocaustHelen Epstein
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)The Junior Jewish EncyclopediaNaomi Ben-Asher, Hayim Leaf
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)The Encyclopedia Of Jewish Knowledge
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)Dictionary of Jewish WordsJoyce Eisenberg, Ellen Scolnic
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)A Book of Jewish ConceptsPhilip Birnbaum
Holocaust, Jewish Reference (JH, JR)Hooray for Yiddish!Leo Rosten
Israel (JI)The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Maps
Israel (JI)Israel- A Spiritual Travel GuideRabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman
Israel (JI)Freedom of Religion in JerusalemRuth Lapidoth, Ora Ahimeir
Israel (JI)Long is the Road to FreedomYa'acov Meridor
Israel (JI)Zionism: The dream and the realityGary V. Smith
Israel (JI)Israel DividedRael Jean Isaac
Israel (JI)Israeli Women – The reality behind the MythsLesley Hazleton
Israel (JI)Israel – A Country StudyRichard F. Nyrop
Israel (JI)Myths and FactsMitchell G. Bard
Israel (JI)The Rift in IsraelS. Clement Leslie
Israel (JI)My Mission in IsraelJames G. McDonald
Israel (JI)Middle East Diary: 1917-1956Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen
Israel (JI)The Mideast PeaceNeal Kozodoy, Mark Helprin
Israel (JI)The Jewish National Home in PalestineBen Halpern
Israel (JI)One JerusalemYael Guiladi
Israel (JI)Israel – Opposing ViewpointsDavid L. Bender
Israel (JI)Zionism: A Basic ReaderMordecai Chertoff
Israel (JI)Azure: Ideas for the Jewish NationOfir Haivry
Israel (JI)The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East ConflictMitchell Bard
Israel (JI)Jews, Zionism & South AfricaYosef I. Abramowitz
Israel (JI)Zionism – Israel: Vision and Realization
Israel (JI)Zionism – The Land of Israel in Jewish History
Israel (JI)Selected EssaysAhad Ha-am
Israel (JI)Sources of Contemporary Jewish ThoughtDavid Hardan
Israel (JI)General Sharon's war against Time MagazineDov Aharoni
Judaism (JU)Outreach JudaismRabbi Tovia Singer
Judaism (JU)Jewish Choices, Jewish VoicesElliot N. Dorff, Louis E. Newman
Judaism (JU)Gates of ShabbatNeil Waldman
Judaism (JU)Who is a Jew?Jacob Immanuel Schochet
Judaism (JU)Passover Survival KitShimon Apisdorf
Judaism (JU)A book of LifeMichael Strassfeld
Judaism (JU)How to run a traditional Jewish HouseholdBlu Greenberg
Judaism (JU)Guide to Jewish Holy DaysHayyim Schauss
Judaism (JU)The Nine Questions People Ask About JudaismDennis Prager, Joseph Telushkin
Judaism (JU)The Jewish Lights Spirituality HandbookStuart M. Matlins
Judaism (JU)Getting our Groove BackScott A. Shay
Judaism (JU)Exploring JudaismRebecca T. Alpert, Jacob J. Staub
Judaism (JU)The SabbathSamuel H. Dresner
Judaism (JU)An Examined Life is a Life Worth LivingDr. Jonathan O'Brien
Judaism (JU)Shabbat NotesGoeffrey B. Menkowitz
Judaism (JU)The Way of Torah: An Introduction to JudaismJacob Neusner
Judaism (JU)The Jewish Marriage AnthologyPhilip and Hanna Goodman
Judaism (JU)The Modern Jewish Girl's Guide to GuiltRuth Andrew Ellenson
Judaism (JU)My name is Asher LevChaim Potok
Judaism (JU)Conservative JudaismMarshall Sklare
Judaism (JU)The Jewish Trivia & Information BookIan Shapolsky
Judaism (JU)Festivals of the Jewish Year: a modern interpretation and guideTheodor H. Gaster
Judaism (JU)The Rover of Light: spirituality, Judiasm, consciousnessLawrence Kushner
Judaism (JU)The Handbook of Jewish Meditation PracticesRabbi David A. Cooper
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Jews and Judaism in the 21st CenturyRabbi Edward Feinstein
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Seek my FaceArthur Green
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Men of Dialogue: Martin Buber and Albrecht GoesE.William Rollin, Harry Zohn
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Seminary Addresses and Other PapersSolomon Schechter
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Jewish PhilosophersHans Lewy
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Man's Quest for GodAbraham Joshua Heschel
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Judaism and Modern ManWill Herberg
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)Modern Philosophies of JudaismJacob B. Agus
Jewish Theology Philosophy (JTH)The Shtetl BookDiane K. Roskies, David G. Roskies
Jewish Literature (JL)Jewish Stories One Generation tells AnotherPeninnah Schram
Jewish Literature (JL)The Jewish CaravanLeo W. Schwarz
Jewish Literature (JL)The best American Jewish HumorHenry D. Spalding
Jewish Literature (JL)One World or No WorldHenry Joshua Stern
Jewish Literature (JL)Yentl's RevengeDanya Ruttenberg
Jewish Literature (JL)Gimpel the FoolIsaac Bashevis Singer
Jewish Literature (JL)Michel, MichelRobert Lewis
Jewish Literature (JL)Let Langhter RingS. Felix Mendelsohn
Jewish Literature (JL)CompulsionMeyer Levin
Jewish Literature (JL)HeritageJesse M. Joseph
Jewish Literature (JL)Go and StudyRaphael Jospe, Samuel Z. Fishman
Jewish Literature (JL)Selected Works of Israel Zangwill
Jewish Literature (JL)Aftergrowth and Other StoriesI.M. Lask
Jewish Literature (JL)The Dual ImageHarold Fisch
Jewish Literature (JL)The five books of Mr.MosesIzak Goller
Jewish Literature (JL)HERZOGSaul Bellow
Jewish Literature (JL)Israeli StoriesJoel Blocker
Jewish Literature (JL)The Rise Of David LevinskyAbraham Cahan
Jewish Literature (JL)Sociocultural Changes in American Jewish LifeBernard Cohen
Jewish Literature (JL)ResponseDavid R. Adler
Jewish Literature (JL)Identity in DispersionLeon Klenicki
Jewish Literature (JL)Modern Hebrew LiteratureSimon Halkin
Jewish Literature (JL)I am JewishDaniel Pearl
Jewish Literature (JL)The ChosenChaim Potok
Jewish Literature (JL)HolocaustGerald Green
Jewish Literature (JL)Modern Hebrew StoriesEzra Spicehandler
Jewish Literature (JL)Friday the Rabbi Slept LateHarry Kemelman
Jewish Literature (JL)Between Two Worlds: ethnographic essays on American JewryJack Kugelmass
Jewish Literature (JL)Outwitting HistoryAaron Lansky
Jewish History (JHIS)Jewish Life in the Middle AgesIsrael Abrahams
Jewish History (JHIS)The Jewish CommunitySalo W. Baron
Jewish History (JHIS)A History of JewsAbram Leon Sachar
Jewish History (JHIS)I seek my BrethrenTom Shachtman
Jewish History (JHIS)African ZionRobert G. Weisbord
Jewish History (JHIS)The GhettoLouis Wirth
Jewish History (JHIS)Life is With PeopleMark Zborowski
Jewish History (JHIS)Response to ModernityMichael A. Meyer
Jewish History (JHIS)Fatherland or Promised LandJehuda Reinharz
Jewish History (JHIS)World of Our FathersIrving Howe
Jewish History (JHIS)The American JewOscar I. Janowsky
Jewish History (JHIS)The Jew in the Medieval WorldJacob R. Marcus
Jewish History (JHIS)Oral History Division (Catalogue No 3)
Jewish History (JHIS)Essay on Anti-SemitismKoppel S. Pinson
Jewish History (JHIS)To Dwell Together in FreedomGerald S. Henig, Rabbi Ira Book
Jewish History (JHIS)The complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding JudaismRabbi Benjamin Blech
Jewish History (JHIS)World Politics and the Jewish ConditionLouis Henkin
Jewish History (JHIS)Being Jewish in AmericaArthur Hertzberg
Jewish History (JHIS)A History of the JewsSolomon Grayzel
Jewish History (JHIS)Thy Brother's BloodMalcolm Hay
Jewish History (JHIS)A Century of Jewish LifeIbmar Elbogen
Jewish History (JHIS)American JudaismNathan Glazer
Jewish History (JHIS)Nationalism and HistorySimon Dubnow
Jewish History (JHIS)The LandWalter Brueggemann
Jewish History (JHIS)Understanding American JudaismJacob Neusner
Jewish History (JHIS)At Home in AmericaDeborah Dash Moore
Jewish History (JHIS)Modern Jewish HistoryRobert Chazan, Marc Lee Raphael
Jewish History (JHIS)The Dimensions of American Jewish LiberalismSteven M. Cohen
Jewish History (JHIS)A History in their Own Words 1650-1950Milton Meltzer
Jewish History (JHIS)The Russian Jewry ReaderEvan R. Chesler
Jewish History (JHIS)Israel Under Babylon and PersiaPeter R. Ackroyd
Jewish History (JHIS)New LivesRita J. Simon
Jewish History (JHIS)The American Jewish Archives JournalGary P. Zola
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)MishnayothPhilip Blackman
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)Voices of WisdomFrancine Klagsbrun
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)The book Testimony of the RabbisShmuel Rubin
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)Ethics of the FathersPhilip Birnbarum
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)Light from the TalmudCharles L. Russell
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)The Dead Sea Scriptures in English TranslationTheodor H. Gaster
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)The Sacred Books of The JewsHarry Gersh
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)The Alphabet of CreationBen Shahn
Jewish Religious Texts (JRT)Legends of our FathersHyman E. Goldin
Lutheran (CHLU)The Church of the Lutheran ReformationConrad Bergendoff
Lutheran (CHLU)Historical Introductions to the Book of ConcordF. Bente
Lutheran (CHLU)Christian LibertyMartin Luther
Lutheran (CHLU)Sermons on the Passion of ChristDr. Martin Luther
Lutheran (CHLU)New York Ministerium Legacy
Lutheran (CHLU)Public VoiceCharles P. Lutz
Lutheran (CHLU)Christian DogmaticsF.Pieper
Lutheran (CHLU)The Lutheran LiturgyLuther D. Reed
Lutheran (CHLU)The Book of ConcordTheodore G. Tappert
Lutheran (CHLU)Luther's Theology of the CrossWalther Von Loewenich
Lutheran (CHLU)The Ordination of WomenRaymond Tiemeyer
Lutheran (CHLU)The Seeker's CatechismMichael Francis Pennock
Catholicism (CHCA)Canals & CrossroadsSally Light
Catholicism (CHCA)CatholicismRichard P. McBrien
Catholicism (CHCA)The Catholic Tradition- The Church 1Rev. Charles J. Dollen
Catholicism (CHCA)The Catholic Tradition- The Savior 2Rev. Charles J. Dollen
Catholicism (CHCA)Church History – Volume Two The Middle AgesKarl Bihlmeyer
Catholicism (CHCA)The Seeker's Guide to the Christian StoryMitch Finley
Catholicism (CHCA)In Commemoration of the Visit of His Holiness Pope John Paul II
Catholicism (CHCA)The Gospel of LifePope John Paul II
Catholicism (CHCA)On the Twelfth Centenary Of the Second Council of NicaeaJohn Paul II
Catholicism (CHCA)On the Development of PeoplesPope Paul VI
Catholicism (CHCA)The Achievement of John Henry NewmanIan Ker
Catholicism (CHCA)American & CatholicClyde F. Crews
Catholicism (CHCA)Papal PrimacyKlaus Schatz
Catholicism (CHCA)Vatican Council IIAustin Flannery
Catholicism (CHCA)Whither the U.S. Church?John A. Grindel
Catholicism (CHCA)Thirty Years of Liturgical RenewalFrederick R. Mcmanus
Catholicism (CHCA)Crossing the Threshold of HopeJohn Paul II
Catholicism (CHCA)The Creative Wedding HandbookWendy Somerville Wall
Catholicism (CHCA)Why Be Catholic?Richard Rohr
Catholicism (CHCA)A Guide to Religious Ministries
Catholicism (CHCA)The Bishops and the BombJim Castelli
Catholicism (CHCA)The Challenge of Peace: God's Promise and Our Response
Catholicism (CHCA)Priest and Bishop – Biblical ReflectionsRaymond E. Brown.S.S.
Catholicism (CHCA)Should We MarryJoseph M. Champlin
Catholicism (CHCA)Together for LifeJoseph M. Champlin
Catholicism (CHCA)What it Means to be CatholicFather Joseph M. Champlin
Catholicism (CHCA)The Seeker's Guide to being CatholicMitch Finley
Catholicism (CHCA)New Wine: New WineskinsJames B. Dunning
Catholicism (CHCA)Expressions of the Catholic FaithKevin Orlin Johnson
Catholicism (CHCA)The Gospel of Peace and JusticeJoseph Gremillion
Catholicism (CHCA)Understanding CatholicismMonika K. Hellwig
Catholicism (CHCA)The Divided Mind of Modern TheologyJames D. Smart
Catholicism (CHCA)Book of SaintsFather Lovasik
Catholicism (CHCA)Living in the Breath of the SpiritJoan D. Chittister
Catholicism (CHCA)Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious LifePope Paul VI
Christianity (CHCH)Witnesses Before DawnWilliam D.Apel
Christianity (CHCH)Christ on Campus – Meditations for College LifeDonald L. Deffner
Christianity (CHCH)How to be Born AgainBilly Graham
Christianity (CHCH)Who am I, Lord and Why am I here?William and Dale Hulme
Christianity (CHCH)Why I BelieveD.James Kennedy
Christianity (CHCH)One Minute Bible for Starters
Christianity (CHCH)To Dance With GodGertrud Mueller Nelson
Christianity (CHCH)The Gift of Christian RelationshipsMarilyn Preus
Christianity (CHCH)The Spirit Moves Handbook of Dance and PrayerCarla De Sola
Christianity (CHCH)Monday Morning JesusJoseph Moore
Christianity (CHCH)Living the Beatitudes TodayBill Dodds, Michael J. Dodds
Christianity (CHCH)Commentary on the Occasional ServicesPhilip H. Pfatteicher
Christianity (CHCH)From Beginning to EndRobert Fulghum
Christianity (CHCH)City of WisdomDavid J. Hassel
Christianity (CHCH)Living Together in a World Failling ApartDave & Neta Jackson
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation 2 – Lesser FesticalsLorenz Nieting
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation 2 – Series A
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation3 – Series C
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation: EASTERHoward G. Hageman
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation: Advent ChristmasDavid B. Watermulder
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation: LentHerman G. Stuempfle
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation: Pentecost 1Ronald E. Sleeth
Christianity (CHCH)Proclamation: Series b
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Faith for TodayWilliam D.Streng
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Man's Place in NaturePierre Teilhard de Chardin
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Christian Education for LiberationJ.C.Wynn
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)I Believe in the Great CommissionMax Warren
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Way of the Cross- way of justiceLeonardo Boff
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Our FatherRobert F. Morneau
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)LOVE – Emotion myth and MetaphorRobert C. Solomon
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Christian Commitment – Prophetic LivingJeffery G. Sobosan
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Bible in the Age of ScienceAlan Richardson
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Alarms and VisionsStephen C. Rose
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Sources of Protestant TheologyWilliam A. Scott
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Secular ChristianityRonald Gregor Smith
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The City of GodSaint Augustine
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Man at PlayHugo Rahner
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Theology TodayThomas G. Long
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The True and Only HeavenChristopher Lasch
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Agenda for TheologyThomas C. Oden
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Theology of St.PaulD.E.H. Whiteley
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Moral Issues and Christian ResponsePaul T.Jersild
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Christian Ethics & ImaginationPhilip S. Keane, S.S.
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Jesus Means FreedomErnst Kasemann
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Gift of the GospelH. Gerard Knoche
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Theology and ProclamationGerhard Ebeling
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)What's New in Religion?Kenneth Hamilton
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Let Us Break Bread TogetherFred Daniel Gealy
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)What is Christianity?Budolf Bultmann
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Christian Anthropology and EthicsJames M. Childs
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Church in the WorldR.R. Caemmerer
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Praxis of SufferingRebecca S. Chopp
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Dark Night of the Soul
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Jesus of NazarethPope Benedict XVI
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Cost of DiscipleshipDietrich Bonhoeffer
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)No PrayerGerhard Ebeling
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)The Humility of GodIlia Delio
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Dogmatics in OutlineKarl Barth
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Bible and Ethics in the Christian LifeBruce C. Birch
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Theology of the New TestamentRudolf Bultmann
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Theology of the New Testament 2Rudolf Bultmann
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)Worldly TheologyCarl Michalson
Christian Theology and Philosophy (CHCTP)EthicsDietrich Bonhoeffer
Christian Literature (CHL)Masterpieces of Christian LiteratureFrank N. Magill
Christian Literature (CHL)Christ and the Fine ArtsCynthia Pearl Maus
Christian Literature (CHL)JoshuaJoseph F. Girzone
Christian Literature (CHL)Cross RoadsCurt M. Joseph
Christian Literature (CHL)What's Happening out there in the Dark TonightRobert Howard Clausen
Christian Literature (CHL)Aher's Talks About JesusJon L. Joyce
Christian Literature (CHL)Joshua and the ChildrenJoseph F. Girzone
Christian Literature (CHL)A Thomas Merton ReaderThomas P. McDonnell
Christian Literature (CHL)Fantasies for Fantastic ChristiansHubert F. Beck
Christian Literature (CHL)The Practice of the Presence of God with Spiritual MaximsBrother Lawrence
Christian Literature (CHL)Thy Will be DoneSt. Francis de Sales
Christian Literature (CHL)Introduction to the Devout LifeFrancis de Sales
Christian Literature (CHL)Fourteen WhitnessesOscar J. Rumpf
Christian Literature (CHL)The rist of BirthLuci Shaw
Christian Literature (CHL)One must Die!Ronald Wean
Christian Literature (CHL)Gentle Rain
Christian Literature (CHL)Sometimes God Has a Kid's FaceBruce Ritter
History of Christianity (CHH)The Horizon History of Christianity
History of Christianity (CHH)The Finality of Jesus Christ in an Age of Universal HistoryJaroslav Pelikan
History of Christianity (CHH)Jesus through the CenturiesJaroslav Pelikan
History of Christianity (CHH)A History of the Christian ChurchWilliston Walker
History of Christianity (CHH)A Complete History of Christian ThoughtPaul Tillich
History of Christianity (CHH)Early Christian CreedsJ.N.D. Kelly
History of Christianity (CHH)The Augsburg Confession
History of Christianity (CHH)Benedictine MonasticsimLowrie J. Daly
History of Christianity (CHH)The Gateway to the Middle Ages MonasticismEleanot Shipley Duckett
History of Christianity (CHH)The Church of the CatacombsWalter Oetting
History of Christianity (CHH)Great Voices of the ReformationHarry Emerson Fosdick
History of Christianity (CHH)Primitive ChristianityRudolf Bultmann
History of Christianity (CHH)The Gathering Storm in the ChuchesJeffrey K. Hadden
History of Christianity (CHH)The Brother's BloodMalcolm Hay
History of Christianity (CHH)The Protestant ReformationHans J. Hillerbrand
History of Christianity (CHH)A History of Christian SpiritualityUrban T. Holmes
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)Joy to you and MeJohn Stevens Kerr
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)Theology of God SourcesKimball Kehoe
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)Daily Light in the Daily Path
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)The Library of Christian ClassicsJohn Baillie
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)Prophets/NowLeslie F.Brandt
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)The pocket AquinasVernon J. Bourke
Christian Religious Texts (CHRT)The Essential AugustineVernon J. Bourke
Buddhism (BH)Kuan-yinChun Fang Yu
Buddhism (BH)Japanese Buddhism – A Cultural HistoryYoshiro Tamura
Buddhism (BH)Mahayana Buddhism: The Doctrinal FoundationsPaul Williams
Buddhism (BH)Indian esoteric BuddhismRonald M. Davidson
Buddhism (BH)The Myth of Freedom and the way of MeditationChogyam Trungpa
Buddhism (BH)Peace is Every StepThich Nhat Hanh
Buddhism (BH)The Miracle of MindfulnessThich Nhat Hanh
Buddhism (BH)The foundations of BuddhismRupert Gethin
Buddhism (BH)Women in BuddhismDiana Y. Paul
Buddhism (BH)What the Buddha TaughtWalpola Rahula
Buddhism (BH)The Long Discourses of the BuddhaMaurice Walshe
Buddhism (BH)Zen Mind, Beginner's MindShunryu Suzuki
Buddhism (BH)The middle length Discourses of the BuddhaMajjhima Nikaya
Buddhism (BH)Cutting Through Spiritual MaterialismChogyam Trungpa
Buddhism (BH)Buddhist ReligionsRichard H. Robinson
Buddhism (BH)Buddhism – The illustrated GuideKevin Trainor
Buddhism (BH)Buddhist ScripturesEdward Conze
Buddhism (BH)Zen Action Zen PersonT.P. Kasulis
Buddhism (BH)Buddhist MeditationEdward Conze
Buddhism (BH)Buddhism in ChinaKenneth Chen
Hinduism (HU)The Vimalakirti SutraBurton Watson
Hinduism (HU)As it IsBhagavad Gita
Hinduism (HU)Yoga and the Hindu TraditionJean Varenne
Hinduism (HU)Hinduism Beliefs and PracticesJeaneane Fowler
Hinduism (HU)The Hindu Tradition Readings in Oriental ThoughtAinslie T. Embree
Islam (IS)What's Right with Islam is What's right with AmericaImam Feisal Abdul Rauf
Islam (IS)No god but GodReza Aslan
Islam (IS)Islam the Misunderstood ReligionMuhammad Qutb
Islam (IS)Islam in FocusHammudah ‘Abd al'Ati
Islam (IS)Understanding Islam and the Muslims
Islam (IS)Qur'an and WomanAmina Wadud
Islam (IS)The Great TheftKhaled Abou El Fadl
Islam (IS)The Reluctant FundamentalistMohsin Hamid
Islam (IS)The Looming TowerLawrence Wright
Islam (IS)Islam the striaght PathJohn L. Espositp
Islam (IS)Voices of Resurgent IslamJohn L. Esposito
Islam (IS)In the Footsteps of the ProphetTariq Ramadan
Islam (IS)The meaning of the Holy Qur'anAbdullah Yusuf Ali
Islam (IS)Major Themes of the Qur'anFazlur Rahman
Islam (IS)An Introduction to Shi'i IslamMoojan Momen
Islam (IS)Approaching The Qur'an: the early revelationsMichael Sells
Social Commentary (SC)Revolutionary ForgivenessDorothee Solle
Social Commentary (SC)Megatrends for WomenPatricia Aburdene & John Naisbitt
Social Commentary (SC)Christian Attitudes Toward War and PeaceRoland H. Bainton
Social Commentary (SC)How to Change the WorldDavid Bornstein
Social Commentary (SC)The Finger of GodAllan Boesak
Social Commentary (SC)Tellitto ThechurchLynn R. Buzzard
Social Commentary (SC)Media Wasteland or WonderlandJohn W. Bachman
Social Commentary (SC)Christian SocialismJohn C. Cort
Social Commentary (SC)An A-B-C-D of Politics at the end of a roadV.J. Chalupa
Social Commentary (SC)Praying the our father as subversive ActivityMichael H. Crosby
Social Commentary (SC)Woman and ReligionRegina Coll
Social Commentary (SC)Ideas for Social ActionAnthony Campolo
Social Commentary (SC)Option for the PoorDonal Dorr
Social Commentary (SC)Christ in a PonchoAdolfo Perez Esquivel
Social Commentary (SC)Cradled in Human HandsEileen P. Flynn
Social Commentary (SC)A Theology of LiberationGustavo Gutierrez
Social Commentary (SC)The American PovertyMichael Harrington
Social Commentary (SC)Imaging God Dominion as StewardshipDouglas John Hall
Social Commentary (SC)Our Passion for JusticeCarter Heyward
Social Commentary (SC)The Earth is the Lord'sMary Evelyn Jegen
Social Commentary (SC)Following Christ in a Consumer SocietyJohn Francis Kavanaugh
Social Commentary (SC)Field Notes from a CatastropheElizabeth Kolbert
Social Commentary (SC)Spiritual Discernment and PoliticsJ.B. Libanio
Social Commentary (SC)Farming the Lord's LandCharles P. Lutz
Social Commentary (SC)Take a Bishop Like MePaul Moore, Jr.
Social Commentary (SC)The Greening of the ChurchSean McDonagh
Social Commentary (SC)A New American JusticeDaniel C. Maguire
Social Commentary (SC)Bread & JusticeJames B. McGinnis
Social Commentary (SC)The Church and the Homo-sexualJohn J. McNeill
Social Commentary (SC)New Testament Basis of Peace MakingRichard McSorley
Social Commentary (SC)Please Help Me, GodSister Mary Rose McGeady
Social Commentary (SC)What you can do to help the HomelessThomas L. Kenyon
Social Commentary (SC)The Just Demands of the PoorMarie Augusta Neal
Social Commentary (SC)Economic Justice for AllNCCB
Social Commentary (SC)Are you out there, God?Sister Mary Rose McGeady
Social Commentary (SC)Beyond AngerCarolyn Osiek
Social Commentary (SC)The Different DrumM. Scott Peck
Social Commentary (SC)On Social ConcernSollicitudo Rei Socialis
Social Commentary (SC)Righteous IndignationN. Rose
Social Commentary (SC)Journeys & Arrivals on being Gay and JewishLev Raphael
Social Commentary (SC)Bread for the WorldArthur Simon
Social Commentary (SC)Transforming FeminismMaria Riley
Social Commentary (SC)The Politics of World HungerPaul and Arthur Simon
Social Commentary (SC)The Arms Race Kills Even Without WarDorothee Soelle
Social Commentary (SC)The Spiritual Dimension of Green PoliticsCharlene Spretnak
Social Commentary (SC)Queer JewsDavid Shneer
Social Commentary (SC)From Ghetto to GhettoErnest H. Adams
Social Commentary (SC)Spiritual ActivismRabbi Avraham Weiss
Social Commentary (SC)Creating a New CivilizationAlvin and Heidi Toffler
Social Commentary (SC)Like unto a Mustard SeedThe United Methodist Church
Social Commentary (SC)The Struggle for Black EqualityHarvard Sitkoff
Social Commentary (SC)Essays on Human RightsDavid Sidorsky
Social Commentary (SC)Judaism and Homosexuality: an authentic orthodox viewRabbi Chaim Rapoport
Spiritual Growth (SG)Anxiety in Christian ExperienceWayne E. Oates
Spiritual Growth (SG)Ask him AnythingLloyd J. Ogilvie
Spiritual Growth (SG)An Invitation to the Spiritual JourneyJohn P. Gorsuch
Spiritual Growth (SG)Exploring the Roadless TravelledAlice & Walden Howard
Personal Growth (PG)Anatomy of an Illness Human OptionsNorman Cousins
Personal Growth (PG)Values ClarificationSidney B. Simon
Personal Growth (PG)A World Waiting to be BornM. Scott Peck
Personal Growth (PG)No Laughing MatterFather Joseph C. Martin
Personal Growth (PG)The True Joy of Positive LivingNorman Vincent Peale
Personal Growth (PG)New Life for MenJoe Vaughn & Ron Klug
Personal Growth (PG)A Joyful MeetingDrs. Mike and Joyce Grace
Personal Growth (PG)Self Esteem The New ReformationRobert H. Schuller
Personal Growth (PG)Sex, God & MarriageJohann Christoph Arnold
Personal Growth (PG)New Passages mapping your life across timeGail Sheehy
Personal Growth (PG)The Dance of AngerHarriet Goldhor Lerner
Personal Growth (PG)The Addictive OrganizationAnne Wilson Schaef
Personal Growth (PG)Self-RenewalJohn W. Gardner
Personal Growth (PG)Be Not AfraidJohann Christoph Arnold
Personal Growth (PG)EndangeredJohann Christoph Arnold
Personal Growth (PG)The Secret Language of DreamsDavid Fontana
Literature (LIT)PaulMartin Dibelius
Literature (LIT)Saint Thomas AquinasG.K. Chesterton
Literature (LIT)Abraham Joshua HeschelEdward K. Kaplam
Literature (LIT)MuhammadMartin Lings
Literature (LIT)MandelaAnthony Sampson
Literature (LIT)Mother Teresa – Come be my LightBrian Kolodiejchuk
Literature (LIT)They Thought for ThemselvesSid Roth
Literature (LIT)The Life of St. Francis of AssisiSt. Bonaventure
Literature (LIT)The Long LonelinessDorothy Day
Literature (LIT)Lord of the Second AdventSteve Kemperman
Literature (LIT)Yom KippurMatthue Roth
Literature (LIT)Reading Lolita in TehranAzar Nafisi
Literature (LIT)Amen: The Diary of Rabbi Martin SiegelMel Ziegler
Literature (LIT)GandhiLouis Fischer
Literature (LIT)Jewish Sages of TodayAryeh Rubin
Literature (LIT)Selected WritingsJules Supervielle
Literature (LIT)Brothers KeepersJohn Edgar Wideman
Literature (LIT)Franny and ZooeyJ.D.Salinger
Literature (LIT)The Winter of our DiscountentSteinbeck
Literature (LIT)The Poisonwood BibleBarbara Kingsolver
Literature (LIT)The Da Vinci CodeDan Brown
Literature (LIT)Three Cups of TeaGreg Mortenson
Literature (LIT)The Diary of A.N.Julius Horwitz
Literature (LIT)Sound and SenseLaurence Perrine
Literature (LIT)A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the SoulJack Canfield
Literature (LIT)A 2nd Serving of Chicken Soup for the SoulJack Canfield
Literature (LIT)Chicken Soup for the SoulJack Canfield
Literature (LIT)The War PrayerMark Twain
Literature (LIT)God's Bits of WoodSembene Ousmane
Literature (LIT)MagnificatElizabeth Obbard
Literature (LIT)Dove on FireCecil Rajendra
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume IG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume IIG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume IIIG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume IVG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume VG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume VIG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume VIIG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume VIIIG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume IXG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Theological Dictionary of New Testament Volume XG. Kittel
Dictionary (DIC)Gesenius' Hebrew GrammarE. Kautzsch
Dictionary (DIC)Harper's Bible DictionaryMadeleine S. Miller
Dictionary (DIC)A Greek-English Lexicon of the New TestamentWilliam F. Arndt
Dictionary (DIC)The Dictionary of Bible and ReligionWilliam H. Gentz
Dictionary (DIC)A Greek Grammar of the New TestamentRobert W. Funk
Dictionary (DIC)Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary
Dictionary (DIC)A Hebrew and English Lexicon of Old TestamentEdward Robinson
Dictionary (DIC)The Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary
Dictionary (DIC)The Contemporary Shilo Pocket DictionaryZevi Scharfstein
Dictionary (DIC)Hebrew through PicturesI.A. Richards
Dictionary (DIC)The Harvard Brief Dictionary of MusicWilli Apel
Dictionary (DIC)Lexical Aid for Students of New Testament GreekBruce M. Metzger
Dictionary (DIC)Pocket Dictionary of SaintsJohn J. Delaney
Dictionary (DIC)German English English German Dictionary
Dictionary (DIC)The New Functional Hebrew English English Hebrew DictionaryNathan Goldberg
Dictionary (DIC)The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Volume I
Dictionary (DIC)The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Volume II
Dictionary (DIC)The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Volume III
Dictionary (DIC)The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Volume IV
Dictionary (DIC)The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Supplementary Volume
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