WRITING WITH SPIRIT WORKSHOP w/ Diane Cameron Nov. 2 from 6-8pm

Posted on Nov 2, 2016 in General

This is a writing workshop for everyone: new writers, scared writers, genre-changing writers, and secret (I-have-never-told-anyone) writers. The focus will be on spirituality and inspiration: what lifts us, what holds us, and what helps us in our daily life and in our writing. We will learn, laugh, be inspired and we will write!

Diane Cameron’s work appears in the Times Union and other newspapers across the US. She has received many awards for her fiction and nonfiction work. She is the author of two blogs: “Love in the Time of Cancer”-for couples facing cancer, and “Out of the Woods” for people in twelve-step recovery.

Registration is required. Call or email Donna at dcrisafulli@albany.edu; 518-489-8573 X 21